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Rihanna on the Cover of August Seventeen Magazine

29 Jul

I love Seventeen Magazine they always have the best layouts and articles that are relevant for the modern teen.  My mother says she used to read Seventeen ( actually she still does, I always have to get my magazine from her room).

The August issue has so many ideas for “Back to School” fashions.

Sephora’s Got Your Lashes Covered

29 Jul

I am so blessed that I have very long lashes but that does not stop me from using mascara and it def. isn’t stopping me from heading to Sephora to pick up these lashes 115 Erin aren’t they cute?  Pink with black tips w feathers (see what I

mean? my own lashes could never do that!  They are from the MakeUp Forever line and retail for $15.00

~~Step It Up 3D~~

29 Jul

I saw a movie trailer for Step it up 3D looks interesting but I was just wondering just when did …….. and where are the ……….I will let you finish those sentences.  The movie opens in a theater near you August 6th.

Step Up 3D Movie Poster

Pretty Boy Swag Birthday

28 Jul

Soulja Boy turns 20 today and you can watch it live for $2.99 from your phone!  Me personally am upset that I wasnt invited.  There is always next year! lol  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOULJA BOY LOVE YA!

New at Sephora

23 Jul

Sephora is the ultimate in cosmetics and perfumes.  You can experiment in-store with all the makeup and unlike the department stores  unless they don’t carry a fragrance you can always get a sample that will last for a few applications. They have just introduced a product from my fave “Too Faced”.   It comes with 9 shadows, applicator  and an instructional card.  $79 dollar value for $35.00.   I have always wanted to know how to do that Kim Kardashian eyeshadow!

I-Phone 4 Bandaid Fix?

23 Jul

A bandaid can fix phones now?  With all this modern technology , a 75 plus year old product is the saving grace for the Iphone issue.  I will take my IPhone Bandaid in pink please!


Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston are Bros……

22 Jul

See, you never know who rolls with who, thats why I am always nice to EVERYONE! (well, sometimes).  Anyway…… These two were photo’d driving in DIDDY’S $200K Lamborghina.  According to Auntie Sandra Rose ( who reports  according to the Daily Mail;  Uncle Diddy had promised Justin that he could drive his car when he turned 16.  Dang Uncle Diddy I am turning 16 in a few months! lol  Check of the pix of  JB & SK: