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International Fashion Swag

26 Aug

Leave Auntie Bey’s outfit along!  I love that outfit, I would so rock it.  Pictures of Beyonce have hit the net like crazy denouncing the outfit. even said it was asking what the freak is wrong with her for wearing that outfit, others are sayings it’s the worse they have ever seen her!  I am with you Auntie Bey, just keep doing you!  International fashionistas like myself get it, I am even trying to get some fabric to make me an outfit like that.  LOVES IT!

Fall Christian Louboutin’s

26 Aug

I am a Fab Teen, with Champagne tastes,  and a beer budget.  Until I make my millions I will just keep dreaming of the shoes and purses that I want, and looking for knockoff versions…..sorry CL (make some shoes that teens can afford!) lol.  Here are my favs from the CL Fall 2010 line:

Christian Louboutin No Prive Leopard Pony PumpChristian Louboutin Misfit Ruffle SandalChristian Louboutin Spiked Boot

RIP Aaliyah 8/25/2001 R&B Princess

26 Aug

I am a day late on this one…August 25th, 2001, R&B Princess Aaliyah left this earth way too soon.   If she was alive today she would be as relevant as she was then, she was a true star!  In memory of Aaliyah, rest in peace Princess.

Its 2010 People!

12 Aug

A teen beauty queen winner was dethroned because she dyed her hair brown.  Of all the temptations of the modern teen and this is what they decide to bring her down on?  Have we not moved passed the whole notion that blonde is more beautiful?  I have seen many blondes who are nowhere near beautiful….Anywho……This is really silly that the pageant officials would call her on such a thing.  This did happen in New Zealand though.  *shrug*

Olivia O'Neil

New Tarina Tarantino @ Sephora

11 Aug

Love, Love, Love this line and its sold only @ Sephora another of my favs.  This line is called , The “Stargazer Odyssey Collection”. 

As described from the Sephora website:  “Inspired by mystical DJ Starchild’s fantastical journey through space and time, these cream shadows and nail lacquers come in a kaleidoscope of metallic shades. Get the full electro-galactic look with the Odyssey Palette, equipped with colors that celebrate the freedom to express your individual style.”

New Arrivals ~ Free People

10 Aug

Fav’s from Free People:


New Arrivals ~FOREVER 21

10 Aug

Check out my favs from Forever 21’s new arrivals: