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26 Sep

See full size imageWhen I was younger I had braids and when I played local tennis kids would always ask me of I was Serena Williams, my tennis game should have been enough proof that I was not, lol!  I have always been a fan of hers and continue to follow her career. She is currently ranked Number 1 in women’s tennis, what an accomplishment.   In addition according to Wikipedia these are her accomplishments thus for the year 2010:  TIME Magazine The World’s 100 Most Influential People , Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year,Forbes The Celebrity 100 (No.61) ,BET’s Best Female Athlete of the Year ,ESPY Award Best Female Tennis Player ,Harris Poll Most Favorite Female Sports Star[98] ,Teen Choice Awards – Female Athlete Award .  In addition she is  part owner of the Miami Dolphins, author, philanthropist, fashion designer and entertainment personality.

Happy Birthday Auntie Serena!

New Juicy Couture Fragrance

21 Sep

Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture

$100K 4 txtn?

21 Sep

Today finalists from local competions around the nation are in New York city to compete in the LG US NAtional Texting Championships.  The prize? $100k.  The first texting competition was in 2007, here is the link to find out more information about the contests,  Look out 2011!  Good Luck all.

Juicy Couture 30% Off

17 Sep


17 Sep

Fab Teen Diva Tip:  Having your eyebrows arched will always give one a great appearance,consider it a makeover/ face lift without surgery.

Serena Williams: Has Really Stepped Up Her Game

17 Sep

Something looks different about Serena, not sure what it is but one thing is sure her overall appearance looks polished and put together.  Hair, make-up, cloths, shoes, all on point.    This is a pic of Serena at Michael Kors @ fashion week.  Looking good Serena, keep it up!

VS Pink NFL Collection

16 Sep

The Victoria Secret Pink Collection has the cutest sports inspired attire.   I am loving the Chicago Bears collection.  Check out the pics below and get over the Victoria Secret to see the whole collection and get your favorite teams gear.