Temp Tattoos by TEMPTU @ Sephora

8 Sep

ADORN Temporary Tattoo Kit - Girly ChicLeave it to Sephora to sell products that a beauty diva needs.  Due to my parents not allowing me to have piercings or  tattoos this product is perfect for me.

ADORN Temporary Tattoo Kit – Girly Chic $25.00
What it is:
A kit that contains all you need to create fun and versatile temporary tattoos.

What it does:
Make a beauty statement with ADORN Temporary Tattoos, which are designed to change from day to evening and season to season to reflect your mood, your audience, or your desire. Every TEMPTU tattoo is a work of art hand drawn by a TEMPTU Artisan, and the designs can be worn as a larger single image or cut into smaller pieces and applied individually. The cosmetic-grade ink and all-ink delivery system allows the tattoo to be clean and precise, while exclusive “real tattoo-looking” color ensures a 2-5 day wearability. TEMPTU ADORN Temporary Tattoos are designed to be fun and extremely versatile and can change as frequently as your whims—with no regret.

This set contains:
– 9 Tattoo design sheets (3 sets of 3 distinct designs)
– 20 Tattoo application pads
– Tattoo setting powder (0.176 oz)
– 1 Reusable clear bag
– Application instructions & Care card

What else you need to know:
ADORN is waterproof, sweat-proof, splash-proof, and super long-wearing.

Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.


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