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Boys/Men in Capris?

3 Sep

Not sure that I am really liking seeing boys/men in capris.  I am really hoping that this is just a craze that will blow over WILL soon!  I love you Chris Brown & Neyo, those capris not so much so.

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No One Is Immune To Having Some Messed Up Prom Gear!

18 May

Check out these pictures….Yes…I am still SMH! lol

Duct Tape PromDuct Tape PromDuct Tape Prom

First Up, Prom Fashion DON’TS!

17 May

Why? Why? People!  SMH @ some of these outfits.  REALLY?

Ghetto Barbie & Ghetto Thug Ken

Ghetto Prom Genie

Ghetto Prom Dates

The Family that goes to prom together, stays together?


12 Apr

‘Nuff said!

What’s really going on?

10 Mar

This girl/woman, we don’t know whats going on with her,peep the pix

Oh No!!!RHOA NeNe’s Son Bryson Locked Up

10 Mar

OMG, do people think its cool to get locked up?  Is the locked down of some of raps top stars glamorizing lock down to teens?  Comment what do yall think?

SMH @ this mess,Love you NeNe,come on B.  you gotta do better, do the crime do the time!

Bryson’s Mug Shot

Bryson Bryant Mug

Lil Wayne has started his one year sentence in NY jail

9 Mar

First, the rap star’s sentencing was postponed last month so he could undergo surgery on his bejeweled teeth. Then, a fire shut down Manhattan’s main criminal courthouse while he was on his way there last week.

Sad that such a high profile artist has to be sent away ! 😦

Do the Crime , Do the time !

FILE - In this Oct. 21, 2009 file photo, Rapper Lil Wayne enters ...