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Check out SWAPNISTA!

21 Jan

SWAPNISTA is this Saturday!   Order your tickets on-line at Eventbrite here:

SWAPNISTA: The Fashion Swap Party

Bring your clothes to swap out for new clothes (new to you).  A quick way to energize your wardrobe withour spending a fortune!  This is sure to be a fun event!

See you there!


Swapnista Fashion Event

10 Jan

Being a Fab Teen on a Gatorade budget is not easy!  I am lucky that my mom showed me how to build a wardrobe and then re-work outfits within that wardrobe.  The result is that I have more clothes that I really do, (but I do have a lot though)! lol.   I will be attending an event called Swapnista where you can bring your gently used items and swap them for someone elses gently used item.  The event is 1/22/2011, and I can’t wait! The tix are only $15 and you get a beauty service, noshes, and used get the trade your old stuff for new stuff!  My mom and I will be there and I will be taking plenty of pictures.  If you cant make this event  sign up at the link to get info about other events

SWAPNISTA: The Fashion Swap Party Get  tix here: