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omg! What Were They Thinking (Gets it WRONG)!

22 May

This is where they are SO RIGHT ON ALL LEVELS, this outfit on Demi Lovato is a really a “what was she thinking”!

Mabe not all levels the shoes are cute, really CUTE!


No One Is Immune To Having Some Messed Up Prom Gear!

18 May

Check out these pictures….Yes…I am still SMH! lol

Duct Tape PromDuct Tape PromDuct Tape Prom

First Up, Prom Fashion DON’TS!

17 May

Why? Why? People!  SMH @ some of these outfits.  REALLY?

Ghetto Barbie & Ghetto Thug Ken

Ghetto Prom Genie

Ghetto Prom Dates

The Family that goes to prom together, stays together?

Uhmmm, WHY ?

24 Apr


12 Apr

‘Nuff said!