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Letters to the “Fab Teen Diva”

17 May

For some reason people always come to me for advice, but I am happy to help out whenever I can, if I even know the answer and if I don’t I will ask someone who I think does.  I received this anonymous email from  a reader last week:

Dear Fab Teen Diva,  There is this boy that I really like but I don’t think that he even knows that I exist , how can I make myself stand out so that he will notice me?  Signed, I need help!

Dear U need Help!,

First of all make sure that he is someone that is even worthy of knowing you, after you have determined that then question why you want to know him, if the answers to both of these questions are positive then proceed with my advice.  1.  Walk up to him and say, Hi! then compliment him on something, his shirt, shoes, haircut you get my point, be sure to be genuine, don’t tell him you like something and you really don’t like it.  If he is interested the convo will flow,  if not keep it pushin’ find someone who shows interest in you.  Oh and before you go up to him…..make sure you have your game on, you know……. Hair, Clothes, Nails, Shoes………. Hope that helps, let me know how it turns out for you.