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OPI Joins With Serena Williams

12 Jan

Serena Williams has teamed up with OPI to make a Grand Slam Nail Polish Duo. You put the green or the base color down first and once its finished drying you apply the black shatter which then begins to shatter off leaving a rustic crumpled look on your fingers. Its WAY too cute to pass up!

Cool Nail Designs You Can Do Yourself

22 Apr

I love getting my nails done but my polish always chips within 2 days ( no matter who I go to). has articles on really cute nail designs that you can do yourself complete with instructions.  Look below for  my favorite:

How-To: Paint on one coat of pale pink polish, then take a wooden manicure stick and dip it into clear polish. Use it to pick up a rhinestone (the polish will act like a glue to help the gem stick) and place one at a time around the outer edge of each nail. Create another circle inside the first, repeating until your whole nail is filled. Seal all nails with a layer of clear top coat.

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