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“Prom Promise”:Head to Toe Makeover

11 Jan

Did anyone watch the first season of the Fashion Show on Bravo? I did and was impressed with Reco Chapple who was one of the designers and was also a finalist on the show.  I have been following him for a while and was excited to see that he is hosting a contest that will dress one lucky winner for her high school prom.  Go to his website: to find out more information on how to register to win.

Dillards Prom Event ~ Alpharetta Georgia

5 Jan

This year I will be attending 3 proms; my own, my boyfriends, and my best friends, so I will be needing 3 prom dresses.  Dillard’s is hosting a prom fashion event  1/15/2011, you will be able to get valuable information on fashion, hair & makeup tips.  And if you register you will get a free swag bag.   

The event will be held 1/15/2011 @ the Northpoint Mall and starts @ 2pm.

Register here:

Yes, one of my dresses will be blue.