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Watch out Tiger Woods!

21 Apr

There is a new golf phenom on the rise.  Meet  ZAKIYA RANDALL 


From Wikipedia:

She was awarded and crowned champion and ‘Player of the Year’ honors in her 1st year of playing golf in 2002. Randall was winning from the moment she began playing golf. She has been named a Golf Phenom and Golf Sensation.

Credited with pioneering and creating more young ladies interested in golf, she openly gives back and is thought to have popularized golf and people into the mainstream. She is generally admired for overcoming adversity, her philanthropic efforts of giving back and speaking engagements to become a benefactor to others.

In 2006, she became the only Atlantan to win a Medal and 1st Place in U.S. Women’s Open Local Open Qualifier. Randall began receiving national and international attention only 4 short years after playing golf at age 14.

Randall at age 17, became the first female in Georgia to win at the Championship level against an all amateur men field of players on the Golf Channel Tour.