GorgeousLuv Clothing

12 Jan

Los Angeles native, Melody Javaheri is the definition of success at an early age. On the surface, Melody Javaheri is a typical high school student busy balancing all the different aspects of life that come with being a teenager. But Melody has one more thing to juggle than the average teen: she is the designer and owner of “GorgeousLuv”.

“Too Gorgeous for paparazzi” *SOLD OUT*

Fluer-de-lis *SOLD OUT*

“Trust me I’m Gorgeous”



The Game Premiere 1/11/11 Tonight @ 10 e, 9 central

11 Jan

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

11 Jan

Ten years old and hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, Jeffrey Campbell has slowly become the footwear brand to know in the US. As the collection has grown, changed, evolved and expanded he has worked diligently to offer a point of view that reflects who we are—who we strive to become.

I Just ADORE his shoes. Be sure to support 🙂


“Prom Promise”:Head to Toe Makeover

11 Jan

Did anyone watch the first season of the Fashion Show on Bravo? I did and was impressed with Reco Chapple who was one of the designers and was also a finalist on the show.  I have been following him for a while and was excited to see that he is hosting a contest that will dress one lucky winner for her high school prom.  Go to his website: http://houseofchapple.com/events.html to find out more information on how to register to win.

1/11/2011 @11 am: Verizon Wireless I-Phone

11 Jan

iPhone 4. Verizon. It begins.Well, it finally happened. VZW is selling the  I-phone.  All this time I hade been waiting for this to happen but now I am so on the Droid train, but at least now teens will have a choice of a great phone for a great service.  Love VZW!

Check out more info about the Verizon Wireless I-phone here: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/index.html

Forever 21 Sunglasses

10 Jan

I love Forever 21’s sunglasses they are stylish and the right price.  Most of them are between $5 and $10, YEA!


Betsy Johnson Spring 2011

10 Jan